This contract for the services of the undersigned musician on the engagement described below is made this date , between the undersigned purchaser of music and the undersigned musician:

Name of Group: Patrice Fisher - harpist
Number of musicians
Name and address of place of engagement:

Date of Engagement:
Hours of Engagement:
Type of Engagement:
Compensation agreed upon: (see price list)
Purchaser will make payments as follows: Please send back one signed copy of this contract with a $100 deposit. Make check payable to Patrice Fisher. Please pay the balance on or before date of your event. Please mail the check or give it to the best man.

In witness whereof, the parties have set their names and seals on the day and year written above.

Patrice Fisher
Purchaser's full name name of signatory musician
__________________________________ ________________________
signature of purchaser signature of musician


921 Stewart Ct

city, state, zip:

New Orleans, La. 70119

telephone number:

telephone number (504) 482-8827

e mail:

e mail:

Please type in all requested information and return one signed copy of contract to book and confirm this engagement. Thank you.

If you have any questions, call Patrice at 504-482-8827 or email .

Intermission requirements:

Two hours-15 minutes intermission

Three hours-30 minutes

Four hours- 45 minutes